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In the past, you might have assumed detox was you in a dark room by yourself, struggling to overcome this debilitating disease. Of course, this is what a lot of people are afraid of. They may have even been scared out of rehab. Luckily, you have the complete opposite experience waiting at Harmon Recovery and our drug rehab center in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania


You will not encounter that horrible situation at our drug detox clinic in Bala Cynwyd. Instead, you will receive treatment in an immaculate facility from trained professionals throughout the detox process.


Treatment of Dual Diagnosis Clients

Dual diagnosis acts is a practice that is aimed to treat the people who suffer from both a psychiatric disorder and an addiction. The concept of dual diagnosis got introduced over 20 years ago, but it’s still not widely understood by the public.


Lack of knowledge about the individual need for dual diagnosis treatments is not present at Blair Recovery drug rehab centers. We have staff on hand that are specially trained to deal with the issues of dual diagnosis mental health and addiction. If you have a dual diagnosis, we will take care of you.


Security at Our Drug Rehab Facility

Due to the fragile states of our clients, you might express concern over who has access to the facility. For example, you might wonder if the public can come and go into our substance abuse treatment facility.


You can rest assured that strangers can’t come and go into our facility as they please. Our highly trained security staff ensures that all visitors sign in when they enter our addiction recovery center in Bala Cynwyd and are asked to sign out when they leave. Our security staff also perform checks every few hours to make sure that the premises remain safe for the employees and clients.


Community at Our Addiction Recovery Facility

In a society where everyone stays on their phone constantly, you might feel like you have no one to whom they can speak about their feelings. It’s this sense of loneliness and anxiety that cause many people to abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place.


We don’t want any client entering our addiction recovery community to think that they are alone in their journey to sobriety. Our group of clients will serve as your extended support group. Use them wisely during your stay at our Bala Cynwyd addiction treatment center as they will show you that you’re not alone.


Honesty in the Rehab Community

In the rehab community, we believe in the power of honesty. We think that you can’t get better if you can’t quit lying to yourself. We stress the importance of honesty in our community because we feel that for many of our former and current clients, a lack of honesty is one of the reasons why you continue to use drugs. You’re not being honest with yourself.


We allow our clients to find truth in the best way available to them. It takes different things to get different people to be honest with themselves and others. As long as a client respects the community as a whole, we don’t place limits on this part of the addiction recovery process. We will only help you get there.


Unique Treatment Plans

No two people abuse drugs or alcohol for the same reason. No two individuals have the same mental issues, psychological profile, or previous experience with addiction and addiction recovery.


For this reason, we give every client a treatment plan that is tailor-made to their life and situation. All throughout your stay at our center, staff will monitor your progress, as well as the different details of your profile to come up with a treatment plan and aftercare that suits you.


What Happens After You Leave Our Addiction Treatment Facility?

After detox, most of your residential period will get spent in individual and group therapy. You can also talk with other clients during meal times, free periods between groups, and evening free time.


Right before you leave our addiction treatment center in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, you will meet with one of our aftercare specialists. They will arrange for you to receive care from individual therapists, attend 12-step programs, as well as other therapy groups. If other issues that our staff spots need to get addressed, the staff member will make arrangements for whatever you need in your local area.