Addiction to drugs or alcohol never gets better if you ignore it. In fact, it is a serious disorder that only gets worse as time passes. If you ignore it, it won’t go away. Addiction is a disease that hits its victim over and over again until finally, the cycle is broken by applying new actions and behaviors in an addiction recovery program.


Someone who is caught in addiction cannot get out of it by themselves because the disease rewires the brain in favor of denial. Those addicted to drugs need the help of professionals who understand the disease of addiction and peers who have been there themselves.


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 23.5 million Americans were addicted to drugs and alcohol in 2016. The number grows every month partly because 40-60 percent of those who have gotten sober relapse. This compulsive disorder keeps people addicted whether they are using alcohol, opioid painkillers, narcotic street drugs, or methamphetamines.


Those who are caught in the disease of addiction, can’t see that they are dependent upon their drug of choice. When the addiction has infiltrated everyday habits, the user needs help to recover.


The key to finding a successful addiction treatment facility is to find one that addresses the core problem of the addiction. No one wants to be under the control of anybody or anything, but addiction will control you. Take back control of your life at an inpatient drug rehab center.


The substances affect your body and mind every time they are used by killing brain cells and changing the chemistry of the brain, changing thoughts and behaviors. The addictive cycle is stopped by changing old thoughts, actions and habits that were formed and unhinging them from this addictive pattern.


Substance Abuse Treatment Facility


Drug rehab centers are a vital component in the process of the addict in recognizing the disease and finding a path of addiction recovery that is successful for the individual. When looking for the right addiction treatment facility, you should look for an addiction treatment center that treats both the mind and the body with education and positive change.


Making changes is not easy, but there are addiction recovery facilities that are safe, sober environment where you are free to examine your experiences as you find new tools and resources. In every aspect of recovery, a professional drug rehab facility works with clients to find a new, fulfilling way of life that does not include drugs and alcohol.


Most clients go to the drug detox clinic to withdrawal from the drugs in their system. Clients are closely supervised by addiction specialists and personnel. Every precaution is exercised while the client gets plenty of rest.


Detoxing is the first step, and as soon as the client is physically able, they are ready for a more long-term treatment at an inpatient substance abuse treatment facility. Now, the real healing of addiction recovery can begin.


Recovery takes place in an atmosphere of education, group therapy and individual counseling while learning the simple habits again such as eating three healthy meals a day, sleeping for eight hours and having conversations with others who are not using drugs.


The average stay in the addiction recovery center is 28 days, but some clients may stay longer according to their needs. Caring addiction recovery facilities have one goal for each client and that is to prepare and equip them with the tools they need to live a successful, sober lifestyle. Call Blair Recovery today.